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Below is a small selection of critiques provided by his fellow composers on the Composers' Forum website of compositions by Stephen Lines.

The Road to Perdition (2019)

You have achieved the impossible. It's hard enough to get me to listen to complete works of any significant length all the way through but I listened to this one all the way through twice and will do so again. I of course recall your first posting of this piece and would say that the extra sections you added greatly enhance the piece, especially the softer sections. I was concerned as I listened to the opening "Psycho-stab" that it would continue on past my interest in hearing it, but you provided contrast and new colour sufficient to keep me going. It is clear that you have a strong grasp of orchestration, and I am enough of a listener to know that it is well done and effective. Your hand in shaping the piece in the direction you wanted it to go seems very present throughout, by which I mean I hear a careful attention to detail and conscious  choices being made to attain an effect that was, in fact, attained. GB

A masterful chorale at the end, triumphal. A most accomplished work. DA

A very impressive work here, I very much enjoyed this. IL

Dissonance in your piece always has a purpose. It always points the listener in the direction you want them to go. There is nothing random or out of place. BP

The Road to Perdition is an excellent work. Very modern with its marked rhythm with drums and influential brass. It evoked Mahler´s symphonies at times, in particular number 5. The variation in the melody, contrasting rhythmic with cantabile lines, and orchestration, makes it all the way fresh and appealing. And it is certainly an achievement to be able to keep the attention of the listener for such a long time, as in my case. I want to thank you for giving me such a pleasant experience. KP

Horn Concerto in Ab Major (2015)

Nothing but praise here, both for the music and the mixing - what a wonderful horn sound!  The music is very appealing, very sprightly and cheerful, just as a horn concerto should be, lovely music expertly realized. MD

Accomplished. What more to say? Comes over with great confidence and panache. Superb scoring. DA

This is certainly a musical jewel and an absolute pleasure to listen to.  You have achieved a very convincing performance. DC

English Folk Song Suite and American Folk Song Suite (2018)

Your English Suite has a very British feel to it which suits the material well. It stands up there with Elgar, Vaughan Williams, Grainger. Well done. I like the selection of songs used in the American Suite and the interplay and fusion of multiple melodies at letter F was nicely done. In both you have managed to add a uniqueness to the melodies that made them enjoyable to hear again. TM

Christchurch Variations for Horn and Piano

No surprise you have received good feedback, it's an accomplished work and the variations are excellent - varied indeed. The piano accompaniment is good and not too intrusive allowing the horn to be showcased. The recording is well balanced and the musicality is excellent. DA

Musically it's awesome and I wouldn't change a thing. IS

I really enjoyed the variations and the way the piece builds momentum. Section O and after are especially delightful. I've enjoyed listening to this several times already. CW

There are many more pages of delightful comments, but the above will suffice to give the positive impacts that Stephen Lines' music has on well-informed and highly qualified fellow composers.



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